Don’t let the EPA unnecessarily restrict your ability to manage pests. Act now to defend bifenthrin.

The EPA’s recent environmental risk assessment for the pyrethroid class of insecticides — reliable, effective pest control tools used nationwide — could dramatically limit choices in pest control products. The agency’s overly conservative risk predictions are based on oversimplified science and place applicators’ ability to use bifenthrin — a common pyrethroid insecticide and the active ingredient in Talstar Professional insecticide — at risk.

Act today to defend bifenthrin

The 60-day comment period is open now. You have important information the EPA needs to hear.

Without vital context and input from those who use these products, the EPA could make a decision based on overly conservative science and disregard the facts about actual use – this could limit your ability to control pests. Comments must be submitted to EPA on or before July 7, 2017.

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